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The importance of Environmental Social Governance in the oil and gas industry has grown significantly over the last decade. The primary driving forces for this transition is the increased understanding that ESG factors have an impact on business performance and pose risks that need to be measured and managed. Evaluating ESG materiality and its impact and risks involves moving beyond a shareholder-centric perspective and aggregating the inputs of all stakeholders.

DROK ENERGY is therefore forced to adopt and implement systems capable of enabling us identify, allocate and measure the impacts of our activities on the environment and stakeholders. Predicated upon the above, the nexus of triple bottom line accounting on sustainable corporate performance is central to DROK ENERGY’s operations

DROK ENERGY implement's triple bottom line methodologies to enable us identify, allocate and measure environmental and social costs affecting our business to provide our managers with strategies and techniques for managing corporate environmental, social and economic performance. We focus on comprehensive investment results by considering the three P’s (Profit, Planet, and People) which are important tool's to support our sustainability. 

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